04 December 2012

Black & White Christmas

Everyone dressed up in black & white - some more formal than others but the effect was awesome.

The music was all Christmas with 70% Sufjan, 10% Muppets and John Denver, 10% Low and 10% assorted indie musicians.

I met a lot of people and saw a lot of old friends.

Kate and Nancy - it's been years since I saw these two together.

The obligatory posing with the Christmas tree.

Jenica did a fabulous job manning the kitchen.

I love this picture because Jill wanted a super serious picture and I think Stacey was trying to hide.

Marcilyn was right under the light but I loved the picture too much not to use it.

My only regret was there was no dancing.  This will never happen again.


  1. some of my favys too! marcilyn and kat! sigh.

  2. Great pics and truly fabulous times. Thanks for the charming evening! xoxo