03 December 2013

Where We Give Thanks

Perfect Thanksgiving 2013 = vast amounts of food + lovely friends + Hunger Games: Catching Fire

When I asked Sunny what I could bring to the meal, she wrote to bring something that makes Thanksgiving my Thanksgiving.  I loved her phrase and it made me consider what I need to make it Thanksgiving.  Definitely pumpkin pie but I knew her mom was making it so I asked about either potato dish.  They were making sweet potatoes so I gladly volunteered a mashed potato dish.  I found a recipe in the NY Times Essential Thanksgiving section which I loved perusing.

The potatoes were delicious and it was an updated version of the funeral potatoes I grew up on but this replaced the cheddar cheese with breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese.  Unfortunately, the dish broke in transit but we scooped out the potatoes that may have contained dish pieces.

I loved being around the kids and especially seeing the Thanksgiving meal of a 4 year old.

This was just the beginning part of food being brought to the table.  It was loaded once all the dishes arrived.

I had to clear off this plate just to make room for stuffing.

And I now think key lime pie will forever be a part of my Thanksgiving tradition.  Seth's was delicious and the sweetness was perfect paired with the pumpkin.

We ran off to the movie after dinner and I had a really hard time staying awake which was not the fault of the movie.  I had to work the next day which wasn't fun but sometimes that is just what happens.

I made treats for my office over the weekend and mom asked how people liked them.  I told her that no one said anything about it and she said that was rude.  I responded with a "it is what it is".  This exchange made me think about giving thanks and how I respond to gratitude.  I try to always say thank you and I love writing thank you cards or giving thank you gifts.  There is something romantically old fashion about it that appeals to me.  But I also think it's because I appreciate those gestures as well.  There were times when I would stop hosting parties because I was tired of the perceived lack of gratitude and I didn't want to do things because I wanted that thank you.  I wanted to be able to give without honestly expecting anything in return.  I feel like this experience at the office was me growing up a little bit because I didn't mind not receiving a thank you.  I'm not saying that people should go without saying thank you but it's nice that this one time I was able to give without wanting anything in return. 

I hope this continues.

Today:  Give something without expecting anything in return.


  1. Thanksgiving to me is a plate full of stuffing! And ambrosia!

    That is lame that no one thanked you!! I'll start sending you random thank you cards!!

    1. You are truly wonderful! Thank you dear. Your thoughts/desires are kindness.