05 December 2013

A Southern Pie

May assigned the November 2013 issue for November's cookbook club.  I will write the results of that tomorrow but I was intrigued by a a few of the recipes.  An opportunity presented itself to explore another one when work had a pre-Thanksgiving feast.  I volunteered to make the Pear-Cherry Pie with Cheddar Crust

The crust wasn't as difficult as I envisioned and I loved the savory bits of rosemary through the pie.  It's not an overly sweet pie which is nice when it's paired with a pecan pie.

Today I ate at the best restaurant in DC in my opinion.  I'll share more about it later but it makes me so happy to know that this place exists and it's only a short metro ride away.

Today:  Explore something new - idea, place, food, person.

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