16 December 2013

Mistletoe and a Swedish Santa Clause

You know that feeling when you look at something and know that it is supposed to be yours.  I know people may have this feeling toward kittens and puppies and maybe shoes.  But for me it was walking into the Swedish Embassy's Holiday Market and seeing this -

There was a table full of these little guys and this is the one I wanted.  I find this incredibly cute and I'm not often drawn to something by its level of adorableness but this is it.  I may keep this out all year round or until a Swede tells me to stop being ridiculous.

One of my work colleague's is a scout master and his troop was selling mistletoe for a fundraiser.  I was really pleased to find some in the city after Mom had to send it to me from California in years past.  I could not find this stuff in NYC.

No silver tree this year.  I actually bought a real one which Anne and Dave will plant in their yard when the season ends.

I am not a crafty person but I was very excited to find the ribbon and the cute little clothespins to hang the cards up.  I love receiving cards and am very excited every time I open the mail box.

I loved walking by the Capitol and seeing this beauty.  It was early in the evening and I was surprised to see the moon in the sky over all of it.

It was a very DC Christmas moment. 

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