09 December 2013

Rose's Luxury: My Favorite DC Restaurant

I will say with confidence that Rose's Luxury is the best restaurant in DC.  I haven't eaten at all of them but I've heard of none of them that are cooking and creating like this restaurant.  The food speaks for itself.  But the service also reminds me of the joy that dining in Gramercy Tavern brings me.  This is where I want to be a regular because I have a feeling they will never cease to amaze me.

Phor arrived there first and texted that we had a choice of sitting at the chef counter or the dining room.  "Chef's counter please."  I always want to see how the sausage is being made.  I had heard/read so much about this place that I expected a wait at 6:30 pm on a Thursday.  I was surprised to find Phor at our seats without me having to be there.  

We looked over the menu and chose a few items we had read about and a few others that the server recommended.  They brought out this lovely potato bread which I tried not to eat too much of.

The popcorn soup has been loved by seemingly everyone or so social media would have me believe.  Phor doubted if she really wanted to try it but I pushed for it. It's called popcorn soup with roasted lobster and I would happily eat it daily.  It tastes like liquid movie theater popcorn.  Phor was talking to me about it days after the meal.

The pork sausage, habanero and lychee salad also blew my expectations.  I loved the spicy with the sweet and it reminded me of a southeast Asian dish.  Phor and I were looking at each other in disbelief as to how much we loved the food.

We ordered the burnt romaine salad on the recommendation of the server and it was not good.  Both of us just felt like it tasted like burnt romaine with absolutely no help from the avocado, poblano and cheese to make it something more.  We told our server that we didn't care for it when she asked but we didn't make a big deal out of it.

The caramelized cauliflower, greek yogurt and some other stuff was on par with the first two dishes.  It was perfect and the addition of the other stuff whatever it was is what I wanted.

And then there was a very long wait.  We couldn't figure out why because there hadn't been between the other dishes and we were sitting right in front of the pasta station.  We spent the time watching the kitchen and wondering if one of the red pastas was ours.  Finally it was brought out and this may be my favorite from the night - strawberry pasta with ricotta, black pepper and red onions.  It's crazy but it works absolutely.  The wait was worth it.

I was taking the photo at an odd angle but you can hopefully tell what it says.  

We were stuffed at the end and passed on dessert although there was one that I really wanted to try - olive oil cake with vanilla gelato and sea salt.  Our server was wonderful and brought a dessert to make up for the disappointing romaine dish and it was the dessert I wanted.  I love this dessert and it completely redeemed my faith in a DC restaurant's ability to make a good dessert.  The olive oil cake was drenched in olive oil and it was all what I wanted.

They even took the romaine dish off the check which we did not expect at all and the dessert was free.  This is why it reminds me of Gramercy Tavern.  They want their customers to be so happy leaving that coming back is a given.  Just call me when you want to go.

Today:  My dear friend made me pumpkin bread as a thank you gift and it was delicious and kind and loving.  It meant so much to me.  Find a way to be nice to a friend/loved one.

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