24 December 2013

The Green-Wood Cemetery on a Gorgeous Fall Day

I love playing tour guide around NYC especially for friends that are willing to not do the usual.  I kept asking Tim and Jenica what they wanted to do and where they wanted to eat and I think most of us were happy most of the time.  I don't think everyone loves cemeteries as much as I do.

We ran over to Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria for one of the best breakfast sandwiches I've ever eaten.  This is the one.  I thought it was far too large to finish but we all did without any problems.  It's filone bread with salame rosa, Rupert cheese and a baked egg. We shared some of the house pastries but this is what I will remember from this meal.

We decided over breakfast to see a show that night so we traveled down to the ticket booth in south street seaport.  It was an hour wait but I was really excited that we got tickets to see Peter and the Star Catcher since I've heard a lot about it from winning Tonys and from my friends on Facebook.

And then to Brooklyn to hike through 478 acres of gorgeous trees, lakes and statues.  It was one of those autumn days where the blue sky perfectly framed the colorful leaves.

This is not an easy place to tour.  They visitor center has maps but there is so much on one small map.  One of the gardeners told us where to go but it was really a lot of the three of us just looking around. 

We found Bill the Butcher who I would not know about it if it weren't for Gangs of New York.  My friend told me that his funeral was the largest attended at that time.

Samuel Morse who was up on a hill with a very grand monument.

Boss Tweed and his family.

Jean Michel Basquiat.  I loved looking at the notes and tokens that were left for him.

One of the most beautiful memorials.  I can feel the grief the loved ones felt.

We walked a lot and visited the highest point of Brooklyn which didn't feel like it was.  Just for the fun of it I had Tim and Jenica walk backwards and forwards to see which looked more natural in a photo.  Can you tell which photo is which?

We climbed to the Revolutionary War monument where the Battle of Long Island was fought in 1776 and also stumbled on Leonard Bernstein.

There was so many folks that we missed but our 3 hour tour would have increased to 6 to see all of them.

I remembered that Four and Twenty Blackbirds was nearby so we paused there for a pie break.  I love the salted caramel apple.

I perfectly caught Jenica's resting face.

We quick stopped at the Bryant Park Christmas Market for a hot apple cider break.  I tried to get us into Momofuku Noodle Bar but it was a 2 hour wait so we grabbed pizza and Whole Foods and headed up to the play.  I love this play and highly recommend it to everyone I meet whether or not they ask.  I laughed a lot and it's always a treat to find something that makes me laugh.

We headed back to the hotel and collapsed.

Today:  Find out where your accent belongs.  Have you answered the questions on the NY Times dialect map to see where your accent places in the USA? I took the test and was pretty much shocked that I ended up in Kansas City/Missouri.  I've never even been to these places.  It's my west coast accent migrating to the east.

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  1. I want to see that show! And that cemetery is lovely. I took that test and was surprised I was Spokane/Reno/Boise. What the what??