23 December 2013

Vermeer, Chinese Food and a Canadian Jewish Delicatessan

I woke up Friday and went straight to Buvette to drink hot chocolate.  

And then traveled back up the island to the East Side for the Vermeer exhibit at the Frick Collection.  I'd been to this museum before and it's gorgeous.  It's worth a trip again to see what's going on there now until January if you like Dutch paintings.

I walked by Central Park and saw this monument which I had never noticed before. 

I was happy that she was all cleaned up and on view again. 

I kept traveling south to Han Dynasty where I met Brigham to finish a meal we started in October that was interrupted by the health inspector.  I wish I could remember everything we ate but 

I do remember this was the dry pepper chicken.  All of it was so very good and there is speculation that the owner is looking to DC to open a restaurant and I really hope that is true.  

I walked around Brooklyn after lunch and ate ice cream at Oddfellows which I always recommend.

I usually send an email to friends when I know I'm coming into town telling folks to meet for dinner.  I never know who is available and it's a surprise when I see who can make it.  We met up at Mile End Deli in the Bowery.  We ordered lots of food and shared everything.  I was feeling such happiness being with all of these friends, some of whom I hadn't seen in over a year.

Broek had to leave but the rest of us walked up to the Little Cupcake Bakeshop and ate slices of cake the size of our heads.

I ran away to meet up with Jenica and Tim who had just arrived in the city but this felt like home for a little while.

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