02 December 2013

Thousand Blossom Chrysanthemum

After we ate the donuts that I'm still thinking about a month after the fact, we piled in the car and tried to move slowly to brunch.  Our days were full of food.

I love sitting across from Debbie.  And she puts up with me taking unsolicited photos.  We were the first to be seated at Kanela but I had heard this was a popular brunch place.  The food was so very good and kept us fed through the rest of the day.

I ate the Cyprus breakfast and you can recognize the hame, eggs, bread and veg but the loveliness at the top of the plate is the fried cheese.  Fried cheese!  Just think about that for a while.

Emily and Debbie ate the Shakshouka which looked equally as lovely but mine had fried cheese.

And then we piled in the car for a 45 minute drive toward DC to end up at Longwood Gardens.  I admit autumn is a funny time to visit a garden but I loved it.  The light was that beginning of autumn brightness.

There was only a touch of trees changing color this early in the season.

I was surprised happy to see roses still blooming.  I always associate them with spring/summer in our garden in California.

An awkward photo of what not to do with the person you love when that time comes.

Again, happy to see flowers blooming.

We walked into the green house and immediately saw the Thousand Blossom Chrysanthemum which is from a single plant.  And it is the largest of its kind in the world.  We were all amazed and the feeling never ebbed as I walked through the building.

Giant lily pads!!  I want to see the frogs on these so very much.  But only if there is something stopping the frog from jumping on me.

The perfect bonsai tree.

It was a really lovely trip to Philadelphia.  I'm looking forward to returning to see the garden in a different season and to eat district donuts.