06 December 2013

Sleeping Beauty

I met a man who has lived in the DC area for over 30 years but has never seen a performance at the Kennedy Center.  He says it as kind of a brag and when others tell him that he should go with his wife he sighs that he knows.  I'm grateful that I never put off the opportunity.  I've loved going to the Kennedy Center since I was a freshmen at GWU and my friends and I would dress up to attend a show.  It completely appeals to my romantic nature.

I no longer feel the need to dress up in my "fancy" clothes but I love any opportunity to see a performance there.  I did not hesitate at all to buy tickets when I saw Matthem Bourne's Sleeping Beauty was touring through DC.

I've always wanted to see one of his productions since reading about his all male Swan Lake that is referred to at the end of the film "Billy Elliot."

The ballet is advertised as a Gothic Romance and there are a few changes from the more classical Sleeping Beauty but it is a gorgeous story and I was transfixed by the beauty of the dancing.  And Tchaikovsky's grand score was still used.

I found these photos on the website for the dance company.  The entire atmosphere was magical.   It's wonderful to be reminded how much I love ballet every once in a while.

Today:  Dance. If even for a few minutes.

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