26 December 2013

Cronuts & Dim Sum at Redfarm

This trip to NYC was going to revolve a little more around donuts but our time in a line for cronuts satisfied all donut cravings.  We got in line around 7 on Sunday morning (the Dominique Ansel Bakery doesn't open until 9 on Sundays only) and we knew that we were close enough to get them.  November's flavor was salted de leche and I thought this would be worth our 2.5 hours in line.

We arrived to see this fine automobile.  I'm not sure what or why but it's been spotted around the area by others.

The line in front of us.  The shop started selling coffee and hot chocolate around 8:15.   They also passed out free madeleines for all those in line which was very nice.

Although the shop opened at 9 am, it took a while for each group of 10 to get into the shop and make purchases.

Along with the cronuts, we also the bought the DKA (below) which is like a caramelized croissant and a frozen s'more where a melty marshmallow surrounds ice cream.  We decided both the DKA and s'more were much better than the cronut.  Neither of us like creamed filled donuts and this was just too sweet.  Maybe it was the flavor of the month but I would never stand in line for this again.  I'm happy to go to the shop during the middle of the day to try any of the other more delicious desserts.

We headed back to the hotel right by the World Trade Center (view from our window) to warm up, shower and pick up Tim.  He was wise and didn't go on the cronut adventure with us.  Jenica gave him one of hers and he immediately dropped it on the floor.  He still ate it but it just shows how much he appreciated the gift. 

I took Tim and Jenica to Sockerbit in the village before eating dim sum at Redfarm.  Ty and I ate her a while ago for dinner and it was one of my favorite meals.  I was excited to try their new brunch menu which is relatively new.

Our server was wonderful.  He saw our Sockerbit bags and introduced himself as being a Swede.  I've met so many Swedes who introduce themselves when they see me carrying around Sockerbit bags.  He helped us pick our meal which we loved.

I enjoy how they decorate their dumplings.  These were the pac man shrimp dumplings.

These deserve so much love - the pork and crab soup dumplings.  I wish I could find a place in DC that serves soup dumplings.  

After our delicious meal, I said goodbye to Tim and Jenica who were heading back to DC.  I traveled to Brooklyn to visit Alvar Lambson - Suvi and Paul's 4 day old baby son.  He was so very precious and I think it's the youngest baby I've ever held.  It was good to visit with the family at such a life changing moment for them.

And then dinner with Dan and Jackie.  I was happy to wish them congratulations on their engagement while eating Korean tacos in Williamsburg.  After dinner, I headed back to Ty's place where he had wassail waiting for me.  It was such a lovely surprise.

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