31 August 2013

Billy Goat Gruff

After our hike in the Smoky Mountains, I decided that we should make hiking a monthly adventure even on really hot and humid days.  I'm hoping this ambition will last beyond a few months.  There are a lot of hikes in this area which I'm excited to explore.

We went on a pretty famous hike in the Great Falls Park called the Billy Goat Trail which involves lots of jumping from rock to rock.  It was crowded being the weekend it is but we still managed to have some lovely hiking time and I was able to spend time with friends I don't see often enough.

I didn't take any photos of the rocks because I was more concerned with staying vertical and not getting crowded from behind by the not too polite hikers.  But I took these on the walk back.

Anne and I were a little behind the others.

I'm so excited for hiking in the Autumn.

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