09 August 2013

My Valuable Stuff

Remember this wall of photos that I kept adding to when I was living in NYC?  These are some of my favorite memories in my home.

I found grimm on etsy who made me these albums. Still my favorite memories but in a different location.

My dad was an incredible letter writer.  He wrote me over 200 letters in a 6 year period.  I'm pretty sure that these are not all of them as I am losing large gaps of time and he was a faithful letter writer.  He did this for all five of his kids.  These letters have always meant so much to me but they mean even more since he died.  I continue to hear his voice in my life especially when he writes that he loves me.  I still cry when I read through them but they aren't tears of grief. I'm just really grateful he did this for me without possibly realizing how much I would rely on them.

I found moleskin binders and organized them chronologically.  This is what I would save in case of a fire.

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