20 August 2013

DC Restaurant Week 2013: Del Campo

Restaurant Week in August is all about trying to fill up the restaurants with business while Congress and most of the residents are on vacation.  The idea is to eat at the most expensive restaurants because it is a set price but also try to eat where the most expansive menu is available. 

There have been years where I ate somewhere every single day and I came out of the week feeling bloated and over-salted.  I will never do that again.  I now choose one or maybe two places where I truly want to eat. 

I chose two this week and the first is Del Campo which opened only a few months ago and specializes in South American food. It's meat-driven and everything is smokey. 

I met Phor at the restaurant and we decided to sit outside since it was one of those cool and comfortable days that don't belong in DC in August. 

The bread was served with smokey olive oil and salt.  The bread was delicious and I also loved the presentation.

The menu selection was only three choices per course but the appetizers and entrees completely delivered.

We split the appetizers to try two of them.  My favorite was the Grilled Ñoquis with smoked tomatoes, grilled corn and sage (above). The noquis (gnocchi) melted in my mouth and I can't eat enough corn in the summer.  We also tried the Beef Empanadas with Wagyu skirt steak, caramelized onions, and romesco. These were the real thing with eggs and potatoes.  Very good.

We both ordered Peruvian Chicken with yuca fries, aji amarillo alioli and green chili purée because I read up on it and people love it.

It's half a chicken and I was happy to eat the leftovers tonight.

And the disappointment was the dessert course.  I was so unimpressed by both of our desserts.  It's really deflating to finish a meal that way.  Hopefully there are better options on their full menu.

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  1. Oh man everything about that meal makes me miss Peruvian food! I want to eat there! Most South American desserts I've had have not been spectacular. They just don't do dessert the same!