11 August 2013

The International Language of Soccer

I love seeing professional teams travel to DC for friendly matches because it's usually some of the best players in the world.  That being said, I had no favorites in the Chelsea v. Roma game last night.  I was surprised at how many Chelsea supporters there are in the DC area and then there were people there like the girls sitting behind us who thought that the team names were the actual names of the players. 

Regardless, it was a good game where neither team dominated the other.  Chelsea won 2-1 but Roma held their own for the majority of the game.

Chelsea handed out flags for free in front of the entrance.  They were the same flags being sold at the metro exit.

I wish for the best camera available at events like these.  

This was right after Chelsea's first goal to tie up the game.  It came late in the second half and the crowd went crazy.  There wasn't any chanting at the game which I missed.

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