16 August 2013

Jazz in the Sculpture Garden

This is another one of those activities that should not have taken years for it to be my first time.  Every Friday at 5 pm in the summer the Sculpture Garden fills up with masses of people to listen to music.  We could barely hear any of it which was disappointing to me but it's really about socializing and having an excuse to picnic.

I really wanted to listen to Doc Scantlin's Palmettos because they play 1920's and 30's big band music.  I heard a little of it and it reminded me of the old Hollywood classics that I love.

I finally found Phor under the tree sculpture but I was shocked how crowded it was and it's not a small garden.

Alexander Calder's Red Horse in the background.

Phor wrestled with what to get for the picnic.  She looked at Cork Market but they fry their chicken once a week and I know it's won awards but that just didn't sound very appetizing.  She scored though with the the chicken dinner from Pearl Dive.  So very good.

The chicken was perfect.  Crispy and tasty.

The jalapeno corn bread was the best but they forgot to give us our 4th muffin.  They may get a letter because it was that much of a loss.

Sides of greens and coleslaw.

My view looking up at the sky.  Graft by Roxy Paine.

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