13 August 2013

French Love

I don't remember what experience I had, what film I saw, what book I read, or what photo I saw that convinced me that I wanted to be French.  It could have been seeing "Delicatessen" in a little theater in San Francisco with my sister Kathy and loving how far it took me away from my hometown.  I still don't understand why I thought learning French was not worth the struggle and instead turned to German.  There is no logic in that decision considering what I love in my life.

I bought "Entre Nous - A Woman's Guide to Finding Her Inner French Girl" years ago with the true intent of finding my inner French girl.  I didn't find her much to my dismay but I still try to emulate the idea of her in certain ways. There is a lot of stuff in my life that is from or inspired by France.

My current role model is Francoise Hardy - at least the way she looks.  I can't pull off the gorgeous straight hair with the current humidity but I love her style.

Other current French loves  -

The Hunchback of Notre-Dame by Victor Hugo - as Debbie questioned, why in the world did Disney make a cartoon out of this book.
Isabel Marant (coats and jewelry)
Daft Punk
Rust and Bone (finally saw it on DVD)
Christian Dior sunglasses
Maison Kayser

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