05 August 2013

At the Drive-In

It is a dream of mine to go to a real drive-in.  I have vague memories of going to one as a small child but that could really be me remembering something I saw on TV years ago having convinced myself it was my own memory.

Phor mentioned Union Market was having its own type of drive-in for the summer and I said yes without any hesitation.  We decided to go to the last weekend when they were showing "No Way Out" as it had been years since I last saw it and Phor had never seen it.

Phor arrived very early and got a great parking spot in front of the screen.  We went inside the market and I found my food at Red Apron - a chicken foie gras hot dog with cherry and mustard toppings.  My absolute favorite was the pork fat french fries with rosemary. We sat on the car and watched all of the roller derby girls selling popcorn and hot dogs to the cars and car-less in the front.  I didn't take any photos behind us but it was packed with cars.

We grabbed dessert at Trickling Springs Creamery which is my hands down favorite ice cream in DC.  We both grabbed the seasonal flavor cherry and I mixed it with chocolate marshmallow.  Perfect.

The movie started with the old fashioned promos which just made it all that more authentic.

And the movie completely delivered especially when Kevin Costner was showing his best moves to the girl.

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