18 August 2013

Strawberry Shortcake with Lemon-Pepper Syrup

My cake may not be as pretty as the original but I'm pretty sure it tastes just as good though.  I loved the addition of the lemon-pepper syrup because it gives it a little savory bite which I like in most of my sweet desserts.

I embrace the opportunity in the summer to make fruit-based desserts.  This was a different kind of shortcake in that it uses one layer of a sponge cake that you cut in half once it's cooled.  The filling was a combination of the lemon-pepper sauce, sugar, strawberries, lemon and whipped cream.

It really isn't the prettiest, most balanced cake but it was delicious.

I made it in honor of game night and friends brought other treats like those delicious fancy quiches.

We dug out Cranium which I'm always in favor of because it gives me an opportunity to take photos of my friends in odd positions.

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