06 August 2013

The Tallest Man in Tennis

I don't know if John Isner really is the tallest man in tennis but I wouldn't be surprised if he is.  He's 6'9'' and currently the best ranked USA male tennis player.  We saw him play at the Citi Open tennis tournament over the weekend in between bouts of rain.  It reminded me of being at Wimbeldon way back in the day where we barely saw an entire game because of the rain.  We still were able to eat our strawberries and cream though so it wasn't a complete loss.

We went to the Saturday afternoon session and started off by watching the women's doubles final.  I had not heard of any of the players but it was fun to watch my first doubles match.  I had no idea how much strategizing occurred between the players.  Lots of whispering.  We sat in the front row by Townsend's family so were in the midst of a lot of cheering.

The players were Aoyama & Dushevina (winners) against Townsend & Bouchard.

We saw far too much activity with these blowers because of the rain.  It was like watching the zamboni when all you want to do is skate.

We moved to the Stadium Court later in the afternoon to watch John Isner play Tursunov.  I admit I left before the match ended because I didn't believe the rain would let up.  It did and Isner won.  He later lost to Del Potro in the finals.

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