02 September 2013

DC Restaurant Week 2013: Et Voila

I've been pestering Phor for a while to eat at Et Voila.  It's one of those restaurants that the Post consistently recommends so it's been on my list for a while.  I finally gathered my French-speaking friends to try this Belgian restaurant.

It does not have the ambiance of Le Diplomate which screams French restaurant.  It's more of a neighborhood restaurant which is very narrow and the tables are tight fitting.  We were placed in the very back directly next to the kitchen and bathrooms.  I wasn't all that excited about our location but it was less noisy which made it easier to chat with each other.  Our waiter was really odd though as he kept calling us Madame and Monsieur when we were all obviously females at the table.  I asked him why he kept doing that and he said it was out of habit.  I wasn't impressed.

We didn't order off of the Restaurant Week menu as the options were really limited and it wasn't that much more expensive to order off the complete menu.  The food was very good.  Lots of butter and all things that make Belgian food delicious.

My starter was the spring pea soup with crumbled goat cheese.

Debbie was very happy with her beet salad and blue cheese.

I ate the duck (surprise) with mashed potatoes and red wine sauce.  I loved this dish.

Debbie had the grilled trout swimming in butter.

Jenica was happy with her Flemish beef stew and Anne loved her burger with bacon.  We were all happy that they came with Belgian fries.

But I was once again disappointed by dessert.  Finding good dessert should not be this difficult.  Anne and I ordered the Belgian waffle with rhubarb compote and cream.  It was not anything resembling a Belgian waffle.  I remember eating those waffles last year visiting Seth and Sunny and those were special waffles.

I didn't realize trying to find good desserts in DC restaurants would be this difficult.

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