08 September 2013

Twilight Polo

I was hoping to be in NYC this weekend. But it didn't work out and I'm now going in November for 5 days instead of 3 so it worked out for the best.  I've been really homesick for my friends and my life there but it may be because it's been a year since I moved to DC.  I had an opportunity to just think yesterday about this last year.  The beginning was really difficult - too much change and not a lot of surety that things would ever be better than just ok.  The last few months though have been much better than ok.  I've had lots of fun adventures and met some pretty good friends.  I'm now looking forward to a lot of wonderful plans like dancing to James Murphy on November 1 at the 930 club and finally seeing a live taping of Doug Loves Movies at the Bentzen Ball in DC.  Brigham is even coming down to DC for that one because live podcasts are the reasons he comes to visit (see Harmontown).

I was trying to figure out what to do this weekend when the original plans fell through.  Jenica had the excellent idea to go to The Plains, VA to watch Twilight Polo.

We invited the group and brought a picnic. I was also very excited to find pumpkin baked goods at Whole Foods which I bought.  Let the excellent autumn food season begin.

We were standing right by the gate and there were times that I worried for our safety with the mallets and the ball (I just did a google search to make sure they are referred to as balls) but it also gave us some incredible shots of the field play.

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