07 September 2013

Finally...An Outdoor BBQ

 On my Labor Day...

 I made french pastry.

And filled one with lemon custard and curd which wasn't very good because I ran out of lemons.

Took it in shame to a BBQ but it's all I had.  I was happy to see much better food there.

Including two kinds of guacamole because a dear friend remembered that cilantro tastes like soap.

Talked to good friends.

Saw this T-shirt on Tim which is incredible.

We said our goodbyes to Richie who is moving far away.

Anne's peach/blueberry cobbler completely put my tart to shame.

But I came home at the end of the day and made this Peach Almond Tart which restored my faith in myself.


  1. Fancy pastry!

    I didn't remember you disliked cilantro like nancy! Travesty.

    1. Don't you remember how I bought that t-shirt from Jed that was a No to Cilantro but it also looked like it could be referring to pot?