11 July 2013

tilth + hot cakes

After a few hours drive north, I was finally in Seattle.  This is one of the cities where I feel at home and it's very comfortable.  I checked into my hotel and immediately walked down to Pike's market to look at the flowers and bought a bag of Ranier cherries.

I took the bus to Fremont, walked around and then met up with Nada for dinner.  We drove over to Tilth where I was interested in eating because I've seen the chef so much on Top Chef.

The restaurant is in this cute house and the weather was warm enough for us to sit outside.  We had a difficult time deciding what to eat and I made Nada eat gluten which wasn't nice but necessary for what we could have missed out on.

We both immediately said yes to the Hors d'Oeurve which was mission fig, farmer's cheese and almond.  I didn't think it would come out looking like this but it was very good.

We had to get the mini duck burgers with fingerling chips.  Nada was amazed at the size of the chips and the fact that they were homemade.

I really wanted this - the house made ricotta gnudi with lardon, fava bean, pequin chili.  I love fava beans and am drawn to them on most menus.

Our last course was the slow cooked pork belly with spaetzel, rhubarb and arugula puree.  Pork belly and rhubarb belong with each other.

None of the desserts struck our fancy so we drove to Ballard to Hot Cakes.  I had read about this place and was super excited to eat here.

The place is essentially molton cakes made in little mason jars.  I had the Peanut Butter Cup Chocolate cake with peanut butter fudge.  It's as good as it sounds.  I went back with Robin on Sunday and tried the Salted Caramel Shake.  It again lived up to its promise.

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