28 July 2013

Sometimes A BBQ Is Meant To Be Indoors

After my coughing illness, I was ready to be outside eating BBQ.  I asked Jenica if she wanted to co-host since she has the perfect yard, grill and loves to cook.  We delegated tasks and then I watched the weather report.  It was great earlier this week and then it turned a bit worrisome.  But the weather in this area is always a guess.  We moved forward.

We spent the better part of yesterday setting up and cooking.

We set up everything in the backyard - tables, chairs, tiki torches, lights, flowers - and then it started pouring.  Around 5:45 we decided to call it a game and just baked the chicken in the oven.  I was so disappointed but it only turned into an indoor BBQ and I should be lucky that I only have 5 mosquito bites from the little time I was outside.

We had close to 20 friends yesterday but I apparently just wanted to take photos of the food.  I loved the colors of all of the vegetables and fruits.  Jenica made the watermelon, tomato and feta salad on the left.  

This is a pound cake with strawberries.  It needed more strawberries and whipped cream but I had no idea how much cake there really would be.

Jenica did an amazing job with the homemade lemonades - basil and strawberry.  I insisted on the mason jars which is kind of done but they are perfect for a BBQ.

Jenica also made the required by law mixed berry cobbler with blueberries, raspberries and blackberries which was delicious.

Debbie arranged the hot dog buns just so.  We had the choice of sausages and a dry rub chicken which I fell hard for.

I was very excited to see Seth, Sunny and the kids walk up the street.  They just returned from overseas and it had been over a year since I had seen them.  Tiger ran around looking for toys but Jenica and Debbie aren't really into toys any more.

A picture of the meats and cornbread and the beans.  The beans were incredible and I was super happy to finally find a cornbread recipe that wasn't dry.  I've had some disasters in the past.

Tiger didn't find toys but he found other distractions.

It was just a really lovely evening with friends.  It is also so nice to share the duties with friends.

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