31 July 2013

I Wish I Could Spell Louisville Like the Locals Pronounce It

We immediately headed to Hammerheads as soon as we entered Louisville's city limits.  We were starving for real food and that is exactly what we got.  Jenica ordered the crispy mac & cheese balls and each one was the size of her face.  There were no complaints and she begrudgingly let us try them. Or maybe I tried it when she wasn't looking.

I ordered the duck tacos and was in heaven.  I'm pretty sure this was a new way for me to eat duck and I remember them with fondness. 

We were all really happy with our food and Jenica and I were persuaded to try the bacon chocolate brownie.  I like the idea but it did not meet expectations.  

The next day we ate doughnuts and then wanted to explore the city.  We walked around to look at the beautiful architecture.  There are some great walking tours online and we picked and chose what we wanted to spend time doing.

There was so much loveliness in the homes and the gardens.  It was obvious that people took great pride in this neighborhood.

We were told by the girl who helped us at Nord's Bakery to check out this hotel downtown where the lobby has an art museum.  We had more fun hanging out at the elevator bank with the wall of falling letters that shaped itself into lines of poetry.

This was the lovely image that we saw as we walked outside.  We headed over to this really cute restaurant called Hillbilly Tea where we all ate salads and prepped for the drive back to Lexington and then onto Knoxville.  We were essentially alternating between sugar rushes and long intervals in the car. 

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