20 July 2013

A Day of Seattle Favorites

I've had a couple of opportunities in my life to spend at least a month or two in Seattle.  This was the city I wanted to move to whenever I thought about where to next.  It currently is in battle with Portland for my affections but it's a city I jump to visit whenever possible.

I just happened to be there on National Doughnut day this year and my hotel was right down the street from Top Pot which wasn't planned at all.  I grabbed a couple to take into the office for some appreciative people.  I returned on Saturday to buy a dozen for Robin and Christian because the doughnuts are still loved even when you live an hour outside of Seattle.

I don't know why it took me so long to visit the Seattle Public Library even when my hotel was right across the street during an earlier visit.  It's a gorgeous building designed by Rem Koolhaas and Joshua Prince-Ramus.  It is worth a look when you have the opportunity.

I walked up to Capitol Hill to eat a late lunch at Bakery Nouveau which is unbelievable.  I loaded up on a little bit of everything and was properly impressed, especially with the double baked chocolate croissant.  My only wish was to have been there with Phor because she would have loved it as much if not more than me.

I walked over to my absolutely favorite clothing store - Totokaelo.  I first visited this place in Fremont in 2006 and it was my entrance drug into fine fashion.  The shop moved since my last visit and I was shocked by the vastness of the new space.  It's gorgeous and I couldn't resist taking a photo of the shoe wall.  I found the perfect pair for walking in a city.

And it is in an even better area because it's right by the Elliot Bay Bookstore which is another place I visit whenever I am in Seattle. It has the perfect combination of new and wholesale priced books.  I bought a couple by Don DeLillo and Evelyn Waugh that I would not have typically picked up.

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