04 July 2013


Sometimes life kind of works out in a way where you have a friend visiting who knows the tour photographer and the tour is in your town all on the same weekend.  And sometimes the tour just happens to be New Kids on the Block with Boyz || Men and 98 Degrees and you go because of the experience.

I admit to knowing some of the songs from NKOTB but I was never a fan back in the day.  I have some friends at work who knew all the dance moves to all the songs and I was definitely not that person. But I know who they are and I know who the cutest one was.

We walked around back stage and our seats were pretty close.  

Because the Boyz were all in white, all I could get was a glowing photo of them.

We glimpsed 98 degrees performing but neither of us really knew them.

We sat during the NKOTB performance and we were probably the only two in the entire center doing that.  The audience went crazy for them.  I had no idea they still had so many fans and they sold out the Verizon Center.

We left an hour in to eat food at Zaytinya.  But now I can say that I was backstage at a very large concert.

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