25 July 2013

One Last Trip to Ballard

I kept one of my favorite things until the end of the trip.  On Saturday I drove a little outside Seattle to visit with Robin and Christian. It is incredible to see Robs pregnant and they are so excited.  I was also super lucky to be there the one week that she was not feeling ill. 

I like WA because there are a lot of trees all over the place.

We drove into Seattle on Sunday to check out the farmer's market and eat at Bitterroot.  You can kind of see us in the photo.

My food photo is blurry but it kind of shows you what was happening.  The pulled pork sandwich was good.  I had read a lot about this place but then I ate barbecue two weeks later in Knoxville and Seattle just can't compete.

I made Robs pose with her flowers. 

We stopped by hot cakes where she tried the cookies and I had the before mentioned  Salted Caramel shake.  I forgot to take a photo of Robs and Christian but I won't the next time when I meet little Mario*.

*play name for the baby boy

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