30 July 2013

It Takes A Whole Man Or Woman To Be A Shaker - Mother Ann Lee

I need to rewind to about a month ago when I was back in Kentucky with Jenica and Debbie.  In between eating doughnuts, we actually explored the state but only when we knew the doughnut shops were already closed.  Our first stop was at Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill.  I remembered a little about them before the visit including their lives of abstinence.  The religion relied entirely on converts which is fascinating to me.  There is so much more to know about this religion which traveled to the US with the hopes of religious freedom.  The original villages were farther to the East but a couple of families traveled to Kentucky and they decided to stay.  This village was disbanded in the early 20th century because there just weren't enough members to take care of it. 

This was the main dormitory and the men and women slept on different sides of the house. Everything about the Shakers was about simplicity but there was so much beauty in that simplicity.  There was beautiful craftmanship in their furniture and clothing. 

We visited the farm and I kind of really liked the kids.  This one was particularly brave and didn't mind the photos.  

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