24 July 2013

Sitka & Spruce

Mom asked me tonight how many meals I had each day I was in Seattle because it certainly seemed like a lot. She's right to ask.  I seem to travel just for food.

I woke up Saturday morning and walked up the street to Sitka & Spruce, a restaurant I've been reading about quite a bit.  I actually walked by this place the last time I was in Seattle but didn't feel like going in because eating alone was just too intimidating.  I'm so happy that I'm over that.

It's difficult for me to decide to eat brunch at a restaurant that is known for being good at dinner as well.  I just never want to miss out with what they can do with a meal that a restaurant often uses to set themselves apart.  Typically brunch is just the usual - eggs benedict, pancakes, oatmeal - with a few variations.  Sitka & Spruce showed me an entirely new way to look at breakfast.  I only wish I could have ordered more on the menu.

I love that I make reservations for even my meals that start at 10 am.  This place should have been crowded but not yet.

I started with a warm buttermilk scone with lemon curd and rhubarb.  It tasted even butter than it sounds.

And this is something I wish I could have every day - wild rice, mustard greens, cranberries, tahini and sheep's feta.  I needed this healthy and tasty start to my day after my dinner at Canlis the night before.  I want to return here for dinner someday.

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