05 July 2013

Hillwood Estate

This is another place that has taken me far too long to visit in DC.  I actually don't know if when I found out it even existed.  It's the beautiful home of Marjorie Merriweather Post, a woman who was born into a fortune and married into fortunes.  She bought this home in 1955 and decided it would a museum.  I always wonder how comfortable people can be in this museum-type of houses but maybe they are just born into it.

It's a self guided tour and there is a lot to read about some of the art but I enjoyed just wandering and looking.

This kitchen screams 1950s with the avocado accents.

I couldn't get any closer to take this photo but I loved his pose.  It's a rich man's pose.

Marjorie really loved pink as evident from her bathroom.  The bath mat deserved special attention.

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