10 July 2013

Portland: More Food Favorites

There was one day in Portland where I had too many options for very good food.  I skipped breakfast so I felt alright eating what I had to eat since it was my last day there.

I dragged my colleagues with me to the first stop with the promise that it would be delicious.  I read about Nong's Khao Man Gai and got very excited because it was a dish I loved in Thailand that is really difficult to find in the US for some reason.  Nong's realized this and opened up a food cart just for this dish.  I used my Thai on the guy serving us and he knew to give me the "Thai" version.  I think it's because there is dark meat as well.

And it did not disappoint.  It was just like eating it in Thonburi.  I wish I could make this and eat it very often.

We asked where to find a good dessert and we were directed to Blue Star Donuts.  So many excellent choices.

And I chose Berry Rhubarb which was an excellent choice.  I could eat rhubarb daily.  These donuts are based on a french recipe and it works really well.

I found the house where my Dad grew up.  It's now a Chiropractor Office and I wonder what color it was when Dad lived there.  This house used to have a store in the front where all six kids would help out after school.  It's hard to believe that this building has been around since at least the early 1920s because it screams 1950s.  I walked through the area really wishing I could have a moment to see what it was like when Dad was growing up but I really couldn't see what he described his life to have been.  I've had that with Mom with all the summers we traveled back to Fredonia to be with family but not with Dad.

I quickly stopped in Cacao and bought lots and lots of chocolate bars for gifts.  I also discovered my new favorite chocolate.  It's a brand called Xocolatl based in Portland.  I wish I could find it in DC because the Brown Butter Bar was a revelation and I'm not exaggerating.

Right around the corner was this great ice cream store called Ruby Jewel.  I tasted a lot of flavors and everything was worth a whole scoop but I fell for the meyer lemon flavor.  Perfect.

I later met up with my friend Dave to eat at Ned Ludd.  Everything that is served here is cooked on a wood fire.  It used to cook pizza but it grew up to cook a lot more.

We shared our food and Dave was ok with all of my vegetable orders.

Savoy spinach, sheep's cheese, strawberries, saba - all fresh and good.

Half poussin, bacon, herbaceous dressing, lettuce, Spring vegetables - anything with bacon wins.

Halibut, asparagus, peas, sea beans, sorrel, basil - lots of green flavors.

A medley of Spring vegetables, mint gremolata - turnips, beets, carrots.

We should have ordered two of these.  Even the strawberry rhubarb crumble was baked over the wood fire.

The prettiest tattoos I've ever seen.

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