01 December 2011

Happiness is Serra

 I arrived in San Sebastian, dropped my luggage off at the hotel, and hailed a taxi straight for the bus station to go to Bilbao.  I have been wanting to travel to Guggenheim Bilbao since it opened and I read about it in Vanity Fair.  I arrived, walked through Bilbao to the museum and thought the building exceeded my expectations.

I was even more pleased to see The Matter of Time by Serra which is a part of the museum's permanent collection.  I took some photos before I was stopped by the museum's staff.  And even better, the exhibit on display was Brancusi - Serra.  I fell for Serra when I saw his exhibit at the MOMA in August 2007 with a friend.  I am grateful for any opportunity to see his work including the surprise when I saw one of his sculptures at the Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle.

I also loved seeing Brancusi's work including his birds.  So beautiful.

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