29 December 2011

My Family Knows/Makes Good Food

My mom is an incredible baker.  Combine that with her skill at care package making and sending and my life is set.  And if you've been around me when I open one of these care packages, lucky you.  I know a few of you understand the value of this gift. 

Thank goodness the family developed or married into cooking/baking skills.  This just means that we don't stop eating really good food when we are together. 

Some of you have a few favorites but not all of them are pictured here today (no caramel brownies this time).  And if anyone wants any recipes, don't hesitate to ask. 

Mom hand dipped four different types of chocolates - cherry (shown below), maple, mint and chocolate.  My 1962 party inspired her to go through old recipes and she found this one that she hadn't made for probably 20 years.  She dipped pretzels and apricots with the leftover chocolate.  I could not stop eating all of them while I was home.

Mom has been baking Parker House Rolls since before I was born.  These rolls are found in very fancy restaurants but to me they are just what we eat every Thanksgiving and Christmas.  To top it off, Mom makes assorted jams through the year.  The ones below are blackberry and apricot. 

I ask for the peanut butter blossoms as a Christmas present because they are that good. 

Mint chocolate brownies are the perfect combination between mint and bitter chocolate.  And anything with frosting is automatically that much more delicious.

Christmas day started out with the best pastries.

Followed by a salmon quiche with dill sauce that my sister-in-law makes every year and I start craving in November.

 And crabbies which she also makes for us.

Christmas dinner included beef and roasted potatoes. There was a lot more food that day but it was eaten before pictures were taken.

I hope all of you had a wonderful family filled holiday.  I'm grateful for holidays as an excuse to be surrounded by those people I'm fortunate enough to call family.