14 December 2011

I still dream about this ice cream

Have you ever thought of what a city must have for you to be happy living there?  My three musts are an independent bookstore, an interesting running path and incredible ice cream.  I search out ice cream wherever I go.  We even tried to find ice cream in Spain but couldn't find what we were looking for which was such disappointment.  We did find a very attractive man who gave us directions and regret that we didn't invite this man to join us on our journey.

But there is this one place that I still think about and it is in Bar Harbor, Maine.  I spent a great week there with friends in August this year.  It's called Mount Desert Island Ice Cream and it is the best ice cream I have ever eaten.

I can't even remember all of the flavors and there isn't a menu on their website.  I do remember though Salt Caramel is the particular flavor that I wish I had in my freezer all the time.  I seek out this flavor in everything possible and finally found the best representation in ice cream.  We would enter the store and try 6-7 different flavors and be amazed by all of them.  It was always a struggle to pick what we wanted but I do remember the cantaloupe gelato was also an epiphany of what gelato was capable of being.  I also remember finding out that Ovaltine Malt Ball was a good complement to the Salt Caramel.

This is a love that was earned completely.  I wish I could try their flavor of the moment - Pumpkin Caramel.

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