08 December 2011

Food and a Madrid Christmas Market

I think food is a reason to travel.  This was not my driving motivator for visiting Spain but I was very looking forward to eating.  Luckily, I traveled with others that also enjoy eating.

The cheese and jamon pics were taken while walking around Madrid.  Jamon was everywhere!  Including in all of our dishes.

These were roasted potatoes with this delicious spicy sauce.  On our first day in Madrid, we ate at Mercado de San Miguel which was like a market of different tapas booths.

We then found our way to Chocolateria San Gines for churros and hot chocolate - a most perfect food combination.  The concierge at the Westin Palace told us that it stays open all night because it's the perfect food to consume when one is drunk.  None of us could relate.

Gelato in Seville.  We were all wearing stripes that day.  It wasn't planned.

Our Thanksgiving meal.  We started with jamon and melon, salad and Manchego cheese.  Trish and I split the paella.  And for dessert we ordered three of them and none were all that good.  It was disappointing. 

We bought delicious cookies in Madrid that may have been from France. 

And the nachos were from a tapas bar in Seville.  The joke was me trying to say Buenos Noches at a restaurant and saying it correctly but then correcting myself to say Buenos Nachos.  I try really hard to be a sophisticated traveler but it just doesn't happen.

A just because picture of Brenda that I love. 

And a Merry Christmas from Madrid! 

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