04 December 2011

Merry Christmas 1962

I wish I could supply Brigham's playlist for you to listen to while perusing this post.  This may have been my favorite party ever because of his quality dj'ing skills, my incredible friends who know how to dress, and the food.  The early 60s are a great time for the music, the fashion and the food. 

I did take lots of polaroids but I'll have to wait to post those until they are scanned.  They are quality.

I went to a salon to get my hair and makeup done. It took a long time but the hair was incredible. 

Candy cigarettes.  We are in the 60s and none of us smoke.

Alpha was going for the frustrated housewife look.

Brigham was the man of the hour.  He transitioned from pure 60s to modern dance tunes with the perfect song - Otis by Kanye and Jay-Z.  The house went crazy.

 The Beales arrived.

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