13 December 2011

Small Flirtations

This is a blog about things that I love - people, parties, places, food, and fashion. I'm still trying to figure out the right balance between words and pictures.  Please suggest improvements regarding layout, text, content, etc.  This is all new and only being done at the suggestion of a wonderful friend. 

The name is in a language I love and means small flirtations.  It seems apt for the reason the blog was created.

A couple of recent discoveries that I love.

I read about butter london nail polish and loved the names and colors.  I first saw them in a store in Seattle and purchased British Racing Green.  It was the next month where I saw a butter london booth at Milk Gallery during fashion week.  A couple of lovely girls were giving out free manicures and your choice of polish.  I chose Marrow with the help of Mer. 

I love boots and pretty much live in them during the cold months.  The ones on the far left are my Hunter rain boots that I line with fleece when it gets really cold.  The middle ones are Paul Smith that I bought in 2008 and wear constantly.  I receive loads of compliments and it was a purchase well worth the price.  And the ones on the far right are from Billy Reid.  It took me years to find a pair of black flat boots.  They are beautiful like all things made by Billy Reid.  I love going to the store where the salesmen are Southern gentlemen and they have the best treats.


  1. where did you get that nail polish in seattle??

  2. Horseshoe Boutique in Ballard. Actually butter london is made in Seattle. There are a lot of locations in Seattle that sell it - http://www.butterlondon.com/locations

    It's a great nail polish. Lasts a long time on the finger nails.