10 December 2011

A Reason to Travel to Bushwick

I've been reading about Roberta's for a while and all of it has been very positive.  It is in Bushwick but that's only like 9 stops away from me on the L line.  I invited Brigham and we made a night of it.

We walked in the restaurant and explored a bit before our table was ready.  The garden between the dining room and the 2nd bar was very festive.

The main dining room.  I felt good about being there as soon as we arrived.

This is what happens when I hang out with other bloggers.  His camera takes beautiful pictures.

Apparently our order got in right after a big party's.  My view was of the pizza kitchen and my hunger only increased watching all of the pizzas coming out of the oven and not stopping at our table.

We did receive this delicious carrot salad pretty soon after ordering.  I believe it was ricotta cheese, carrots and radishes.  I could have happily eaten two of these.

Pizza #1 - Banana Hammock - bechamel, mozzarella, pork sausage, banana pepper, onion, garlic and cilantro (I removed mine since I'm firmly anti-cilantro).  Delicious.

Pizza #2 - Good Girl - taleggio, pork sausage, kale, garlic, chili flake.  Another one that was delicious.  I loved the chunks of garlic baked right into the crust.

Verdict - worth a return visit and with a large group.  I want to try more items on the menu.

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