08 December 2011

Alcazar of Seville

For some reason we had the most difficult time finding the entrance to Alcazar.  This also led to one of the most embarrassing moments for me but one of the funniest for Trish and Brenda.  Let's just say I tried to use International Travel Sign Language (not an official language) to ask where the entrance was but apparently I asked an American.  All of my effort did not pay off since he could answer my question in English.  It was awesome and it's a technique I'm happy to teach anyone who asks.  It may come in handy in a country where you don't speak the language.

We finally found the entrance and once again, Spain completely delivered.  I cannot wait to return to explore Toledo, Cordoba and Segovia.

One of the very cool things about the Alcazar is that it's a palace still used by the current royal family when they are in Seville.

This is the first plaza when entering the complex.  I love this picture of Trish.

The ceilings were incredible but none of my pictures came out straight.  Every room we entered was different and a masterpiece in its own right.  I was overwhelmed by the tiles and the precision of the work.

Some of the royal fans in the museum.  If I remember correctly, the Alcazar is where Ferdinand and Isabel greeted Columbus when he returned from his travels.

Trish and Brenda near some of the tiles.  It's funny how we were at the entrance of the complex for these pictures with no idea what we would be seeing.  It was fun not knowing a whole lot of what to expect from tours of these places.  We were seeing something for the first time which is a great argument for not researching that much for trips.

This was a balcony from one of the many rooms that we passed through.  I loved the brightness of the leaves behind the girls.

The gardens were gorgeous and there were even peacocks.  Peacocks are always good.

A very random area of very high bushes which made very good photo opportunities.

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