03 May 2012

Visit The Cloisters

Dan and I rode the A train almost to the end last week to visit The Cloisters.  The Cloisters is a branch of the Met with art and architecture of medieval Europe.  That may not sound interesting but please go if you have a chance.  It's a long journey but well worth it.  I promise.

It was a beautiful Spring day and the flowers in Fort Tryon Park was breathtaking.

These are just a couple of images from the museum.  Almost everything there was photo worthy.  I was not that familiar with medieval art but I find it fascinating since I believe most of our modern tastes in art stem from the Renaissance period.  This is my very uninformed opinion but there were images of Christ and Mary which were very naive based on later more popular representations.


  1. Fabulous photos! What camera are you using?

    1. Thanks so much Ariel. It's just my iPhone. Some day I'll get a real camera.