20 May 2012

Scotch Eggs with Ty

I love my eating adventures with Ty.  We've chosen some great places and we always leave impressed.  We went out last weekend to a new restaurant in the East Village - The Toucan & The Lion.

It's a simple space on 6th St and I loved the use of plants and mirrors with the lighting.

Our server was wonderful at directing us through the menu.  I knew I wanted this salad - Blood Orange and Green Mango.  I'm sucker for the latter after living in Thailand.

And Ty knew that he wanted the Scotch Egg with five-spiced duck sausage and kaffir lime aioli.  I was a bit skeptical even with duck being in the dish but it was delicious.  I loved the unexpectedness of the lime aioli.  The menu has this lovely Asian/American food twist to it.  We ordered the asparagus to add some greenery to the table.

The main was a difficult decision but the server really pushed us to the pork loin to round out our sides.  It was the perfect main course for what we wanted - not too heavy and it was nice on a perfect Spring evening.  The pork came with apricot sauce and I love fruit/pork combinations.

Ty ordered dessert - a panna cotta with orange caramel sauce.  The menu changes often and the desserts are not even on the menu which leads me to believe they may even change daily.

I do want to return to try the burger with cashew butter, bacon and fried pickles.

I love the neighborhood.  Ty mentioned that he could tell I'm becoming nostalgic because I'm noticing the buildings.

The crowds started gathering as we left the restaurant.  We like to arrive at 6 since we are always guaranteed a table that early.

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