29 May 2012

Subways and a Cat

I traveled to Brooklyn on Saturday to check out the New York Transit Museum.  I knew I would be seeing a museum related to the subway system but I had no idea how much I would love it.

A very normal sign but this museum is underground. Looks promising.

Different turnstiles through the years. Ok.

And then I went downstairs.  It's full of subway cars through the decades.  It was incredible.  I had to hold back from taking pictures of every single car.  Even the advertisements were from the actual time of the cars.

This beauty is from 1938 but rebuilt in 1947.  I love the bright blue floor and the seats that look like they were a project from summer camp.

I think this is the oldest car being from 1904-1905.  Not a lot of style but it did it's job.  You could only exit from the front and back of the train.

This car screamed 1950 to me.  I think it's the round windows and very red seats.  Or the floors that look like they belong in schools from that era.

 This car is obviously from 1963.  That color of blue only existed in 1963.

Remember how everyone wanted to be a blonde in 1949.  

As I was leaving this mother and child excitedly told me that there was a cat in one of the cars.  I told her it was probably to eat all of the rats but it was a very happy comfortable cat.

I am also super excited that I was asked to be a guest blogger on my friends blog.  Check it out here.

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