12 May 2012

Bad Weather in Brooklyn

My mom came to visit last weekend.  This was a trip that I was thinking about and planning for months.  I wanted to show her my adult life and also my New York City.  She had visited years before with my nieces and her trip was full of all of the touristy stuff - The Lion King, carriage ride in Central Park, Rockefeller Center during the holidays.  This trip was about what I love - food and a few loved sites.  I was worried about her walking everywhere but she was a trooper.  People who drive cars all day don't know how to walk all day.  I love New York because it makes me walk and look at people, buildings, shops and sometimes trash and dog crap.

The first day was Shopsins, the Met, Laduree - so excited to introduce her to Laduree and there was no line - and Craft.  I did not take pictures in Craft but know that it was a meal worth remembering.  We ate bacon and ramps, pork tenderloin with fava beans, roasted baby potatoes and shitake mushrooms.  For dessert, I won with the rhubarb crisp and sour cream gelato.  Mom ordered the brioche with caramel sauce which would have I imagine tasted better with a hot drink.

On Saturday, I took her to Brooklyn to eat at James.  I didn't take her to Brooklyn just to hang out with the Brooklynites because the ride on the Q train is not that exciting.  The plan was to go to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens after brunch but the weather did not cooperate.  I wanted to show her the gardens so much but I still enjoyed walking around the city with her and showing her the beautiful flowers.  My mother knows flowers very well.  She makes me want to garden.

We couldn't get away from Brioche - the Blackberry Stuffed Brioche French Toast was perfect.

We also shared the Pulled Smoked Pork with Cheddar Scones.  It was a great meal.

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