21 May 2012

Eating Frito Pie On A Rooftop in the Spring With A Lot of Folks

My mom calls it a Mexi-Chili Casserole.  I've been hearing these days that it's also known as Frito Pie.  I just know it as a childhood dish full of deliciousness. 

I decided to throw a potluck dinner on Mother's Day because Jess left us for CA and also because it's hard to be away from family on days like this. I challenged folks to bring food their moms made for them when they were growing up.  I think I won.

You never know what people will bring at a potluck and I like the randomness of it.  But this time no one brought prunes or Activa yogurt.  This was a legitimate potluck with fruit, salads, homemade breads and lots of desserts. 

Hello Brigham.  People started coming to the rooftop in ones and two but then the crowds just couldn't stay away.  It was too lovely of a night to not be on the roof.

Lots of pictures of people facing the food table.

The lovely ladies - Broek, Alpha and Alyssa.


Casey made an appearance during his week in NYC.  

Sam who deserves high praise for finishing her Masters and graduating this last week.

Monica does not look happy with me but it was lovely to see her.

The party split up to the other side of the roof for seating reasons.

The sky started changing colors and it was a perfect still warm evening.

And my hallway outside of the elevator.  People didn't want to leave.  I didn't take enough pictures of Jess but it is really sad to think that this was my last time seeing her in NYC.

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