02 May 2012

Heidelberger Schloss or Something Beautiful in Germany

I traveled to Germany mid-April to cities that I've never before visited - Heidelberg, Stuttgart and Wiesbaden.  I have a funny history with Germany in that I studied the language for 7 years in high school and college and I can't really speak it.  Actually that is just sad.  But I believe American education focuses more on grammar than on speaking the language which is a major hurdle to actually speaking a language.  I only partially blame my own laziness.  I really understood that I couldn't speak the language when I traveled to Munich in college and found out I didn't understand 90% of what was being said around me.

This area of Germany had its beautiful parts.  The restaurants were good but German food is not my particular favorite.  I did discover Ritter Sport bars.  I was shocked by the vast amount of flavors.

On my first day in Germany, I arrived in Heidelberg and ran up the hill to get to the castle before it closed for the day.  I had never heard of it before but it's apparently very famous.  J.M.W. Turner painted it and Mark Twain wrote about it.  It was built in 1214 and was added to quite a bit in the 17th Century but then it fell into disrepair through fires and wars.  It was rediscovered in the 19th Century and it represented romanticism to those who found it.

Apparently this building holds 19 varieties of protected bats so it will never be renovated.  I was ok with not taking that part of the tour.

The view of Heidelberg from the castle.

The hotel I stayed at in Heidelberg.  It has a gorgeous facade.

The nutella in Europe is always better.

Our rental car.  It was insane because Germany is not built for large cars.  My friend had to park in the handicapped space because it was the only one large enough.  The best was when we got to the garage the next morning and a woman in a wheelchair was getting out of her car.  We had taken the only handicapped space in the place. We were all sufficiently shamed.

These were taken in Wiesbaden.  It's right outside of Frankfurt and it's famous for its casino.  

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