22 May 2012

Ai Fiori in the Daylight

One of my favorite friends was in town with his lovely boyfriend this last week on his annual trip to see every good show on Broadway.  He highly recommends One Man, Two Guvnors and Other Desert Cities.  We made plans for breakfast on Saturday but I was instructed to pick a restaurant near Penn Station and that breakfast would be at 10 am.  Difficult.  But I stumbled on an excellent idea - Ai Fiori.  It's in a hotel and it is open all day long.  I was looking forward to showing this place to Mike and Scott and also seeing how it held up in the daylight. 

We sat around the corner from where I was seated during the last visit.  I liked the artwork but you can also see that it was very empty at 10 am on a Saturday.

The place felt more like a hotel restaurant but the food was still delicious.

Mike ordered the Smoked Salmon Plate and it was pretty.  I had a discussion with Mike and Scott on why people take pictures of their food.  I explained that plating can be an art and that some people like to see pictures of the food.  He didn't buy it but it's just a way to hold on to the memory.

My food is not all that pretty but it was very good.  I had the Duck Hash with duck confit, poached egg, tomato hollandaise and scallion.  It was a perfect breakfast dish.

This is Mike.  He's adorable.  I'm sad I didn't get a picture of Scott as well but hopefully during the next visit. 

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