19 March 2014

I Want To Be In NYC For All Of My Birthdays, Part 2

I've been wanting to eat at M. Wells Steakhouse since it opened late last year.  I talked about it with Brigham and I made a plan. I called for reservations exactly when I could and reserved a spot for 8 pm on a Friday night.  I was ready to be wowed as I already knew that the folks at M. Wells could deliver.

I admit my expectations were set very high even when the reviews for the restaurant were mixed.  I knew that this was a steakhouse where we were told not to eat the steak but everything else was good.  You can tell that Brig was super excited as well.

The warm bread and pretzel roll came out in a bag and they were good.

The Wedge Salad was my favorite thing that night - perfect combination of bacon, sweetness and cream.

But then things were just kind of good but not great.  The Korean Breakfast which was kind of like an English Breakfast with blood sausage, pork belly, kimchee and egg. Yeah...I'll try blood sausage but it's not my thing.

The special which was a plate full of pork.  

The poutine which I kind of loved.

They brought out a free dish for us just because of pommes puree which is a lot of potatoes with even more cheese.  Eating it was like eating heated up plastic.  Not a fan at all.

The side of mushrooms was really nice.  But the general feeling after the meal was "ok".  We knew it could be so much better and we mourned the closing of M.Wells Diner.

Even dessert was not all that good but it sounds like it should be - cinnamon cake.  

We walked out a little disappointed but the patio looks awesome for when it's actually warm enough to sit in a patio.

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