25 March 2014

I Want To Be In NYC For All Of My Birthdays, Part 3

I woke up on my birthday and did something that I've been wanting to do for a long time.  There are no photos but I rolled out of bed and went to Soul Cycle to join the masses of folks that have fallen in love with this place.  It started the day right for me and I did it again on Monday morning.  I think it's just one of those NYC things for me now.

I went back to Brig's place and basked in the glow of his new shoe happiness for a little while.  We then traveled out to Brooklyn to eat at Martha which is one of my new favorite restaurants.

We enjoyed our surroundings while waiting for Lauri and learned a little bit about the name Martha.

Our server was the best and said we must eat the brussels sprouts with fish sauce, honey, peanuts and pickled jalapenos.  We ate every last pickled jalapeno.

She also recommended the cauliflower fritters which were good but paled in comparison to the brussels.

We ordered an extra duck fat biscuit to eat with the fried chicken but we ate it before the chicken even arrived.

And finished it off with a sunny egg & spicy pork with fermented black beans, Korean chile, pickled leeks and creme. 

This was the best brunch to be had on my birthday.

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