05 March 2014

Serious Bananagram Players

I feel like I sometimes have parties just so I can make food and feed my friends.  This time it was a "long weekend games on a Sunday night" kind of event.

I found this recipe in the NY Times for chili that I really wanted to try because one of the ingredients is beer. This was something new and I wanted to see how much it changed the flavor. It's also the kind of way too cold weather that is perfect with chili.

Since I don't drink, I had no idea what kind of beer to buy but the good people at Trader Joe's recommended this which worked really well.

I was just going to make Just Good Chili but I had vegetarians coming so I also made a pot of squash soup.  It's a recipe from the Gramercy Tavern cookbook and it's supposed to be for Red Kuri squash but I could only find butternut this late in the season.  It was still incredible and I highly recommend it.  The links are there for each of the recipes.

I also remembered that my favorite way to eat chili is with corn bread and sour cream in the bowl.  Nothing is better.

Jenica also made the best VD cookies.  We're 12 but we find it funny.

I love game night when things like this happen.  We broke out catchphrase and I also asked folks questions from "Not Your Mom's Dinner Party."  I have friends with lots of incredible and funny stories, some of which involve the police in New Orleans.

We ended the night playing bananagrams and you can you see how serious they are.  Anna and Matt are ready to just turn over the tiles as soon as we say go.  

I also forced folks to play two games of SCUM.  I love this game so very much. 

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